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8th March 2022

Celebrating Women in Technology

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We are starting what promises to be an exciting new series celebrating the brilliant women who we are lucky enough to have working with us here at The Config Team, and exploring their journeys entering the tech industry.

To kick us off, we spoke to our HR Business Partner, Sunita Khashu, to get her perspective on gender diversity issues in the sector, and what The Config Team is doing to encourage more women into the tech industry.

“As a leading provider of software solutions for the SAP supply chain, The Config Team is right at the heart of the tech industry. Many automatically assume that the tech industry is all about coding, programming, and needing a STEM-based degree, which is definitely not the case. It is a fantastic industry to work in, with a wide range of career opportunities for anyone to explore.

Women are historically underrepresented in the industry. Although figures are steadily improving, with the most recent ONS Labour Force Survey reporting that 31% of tech jobs in the UK are held by women, recent statistics show that there are still underlying issues. For instance, 72% of women in the industry report being outnumbered at least 2:1 in meetings, making them less likely to be heard in key decision-making. Others report issues in company culture, with one study showing that 72% of women working at tech companies feel like there is a “bro culture” in their workplace, with only 41% of men in the same study feeling the same way.

Here at The Config Team, we have incredibly talented women in every department, who are all making a fantastic contribution to the business and its culture. Having a mix of genders, alongside different ages, experience levels and cultures, benefits both company culture and business performance. Men and women may have different viewpoints, bringing in more insights and ideas, allowing for better problem solving, knowledge sharing, and team performance. This can make a vast difference to productivity and a company’s bottom line, as well as create a more balanced working environment.

We are always keen to further improve our gender diversity, so make sure we have women representing us during the recruitment and selection process, as well as at external events such as industry shows and University career fairs. We are hoping that by showing women the variety of roles they could be involved with here at The Config Team, and to hear the range of stories and experiences of the women we have as part of the business, we can inspire them to get excited about the tech industry and how they can build their own careers within it.

Passionate about developing young talent, our Graduate Academy is proving to be an effective way of bringing in more female colleagues. Out of all the former and current participants in the Academy- 41% are women, one of whom was the first female member of our Tech Team! Straight out of university, everyone has the same level of technical experience, while coming from diverse backgrounds that can bring unique insights into how we do things here at The Config Team.

As a result of our efforts, we are delighted to have gone from having 15% of women in our team to 30% over the last two years. While this is a significant improvement, we know we still have plenty more work to do to further reduce this gap. We hope by reading this series we might encourage more women to consider starting their career in technology, or even make the move from another industry.”

You can find out about our latest roles here.

Over the coming months we will be highlighting some of the women working with us at The Config Team. Coming from diverse backgrounds, and working across different areas of the business, we will be speaking to them about how they entered the tech industry, what they enjoy about working in it, and their advice for anyone wishing to embark on a career in tech.