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18th May 2022

Delivering Innovation to IDoc Management Console

IDoc Management image

Any company operating SAP will have IDocs in some areas of the business, whether that is for interfaces between SAP and third-party systems, automation equipment or non-SAP internal systems. As any business using IDocs will know, if these fail it can cause all manner of problems right through the operation from invoicing delays and inaccurate stock inventory through to unfilled orders and late deliveries, all leading to unhappy customers.

We have been providing our SAP certified solution to manage IDocs for more than 10 years, with our customers benefiting from immediate identification of issues, quicker resolutions and increased productivity, compared with SAP standard tools. Always looking to improve and enhance our solutions, we spoke to our technical lead, Chris Hudson, about the latest innovations with our IDoc Management Console.

“IDoc Management Console is such a great tool as it just makes life easier for our customers. Customers benefit from the user-friendly nature of the solution that takes IDoc resolution away from their IT teams and enables business users in the operations team to investigate IDoc failures. They have the knowledge to identify the root cause and resolve issues to not just fix the current failure, but also prevent the same failure occurring again.

“Always listening to customer feedback, we are continually looking to develop the product to offer enhancements and added functionality that can drive increased efficiencies for customers. Our latest innovations enable us to offer the central cockpit in an SAP Fiori view for those companies opting for Fiori-based solutions.


IDoc management console fiori cockpit


“Updated alerting and analytics enable you to view specific metrics tailored to your business, which could include the number of failed IDocs by inbound / outbound, specified period, interface type or the knock-on impacts such as reporting the value of stock not receipted or outstanding deliveries not invoiced. These greater insights allow quicker identification of issues to enable informed decision making.

“This can be taken a step further by configuring thresholds for certain criteria, which will then trigger alerts to specified business users once set criteria has been reached, removing the need for regular monitoring of IDocs and providing reassurance key team members will immediately be notified of any issues that arise.”


IDoc Management Console analytics and alerting image

IDoc Management Console is a single tool for managing the visibility and resolution of inbound and outbound IDocs. Removing the need for IT support, the solution enables business users to investigate and resolve IDoc failures quickly and efficiently, reducing resolution time and increasing operational efficiency.

For further information about our IDoc Management Console, or any of our SAP solutions, please get in touch.