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28th June 2022

Pride Every Day

pride month banner, pride flags

As Pride Month draws to a close, we would like to highlight the importance of Pride every day.

On this Pride Day, we have to remind ourselves that the principles Pride promotes must form part of our everyday lives if we are going to make meaningful changes in the workplace, and society as a whole. As individuals, we are responsible for ensuring that all our colleagues are comfortable working together and expressing themselves. This year’s theme of allyship and inclusion is, therefore, incredibly important, as all people have the inherent right to be treated with dignity and without bias.

Since the inauguration of Pride Month 50 years ago, we have seen progress in many areas globally, however, as highlighted in our blog on the history of Pride, there is still a long way to go. The recent Supreme Court decision on abortion rights in the USA, for instance, shows us that progress is certainly not guaranteed, and can regress when attitudes do not change.

The message of Pride has never been so vital, with allyship more essential than it has ever been. Last week we released an internal communication for our colleagues, emphasising the role of allyship, which is fundamental to changing mindsets. We need to be vocal and supportive of inclusivity in order to facilitate progress or even just ensure that we do not go backwards as a society.

To round off our Pride Month celebrations here at The Config Team we put together a reading and resources list for our colleagues to showcase voices in the community and help in becoming a better ally. Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that nobody is afraid to express themselves, and to promote a positive and inclusive culture, as together we are stronger. The clue is in our name, The Config TEAM.