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30th March 2022

The Road to Digital Supply Chain Transformation

the road to digital supply chain image

Creating a digitally connected supply chain is high on the agenda for many companies, with 31% of supply chain professionals citing ‘Digital Supply Chain Transformation’ as their top initiative, according to Gartner. However, some 36% of the same audience revealed that cost was the biggest obstacle to achieving their supply chain goals.

Part of the barrier comes with the perceived perception of the magnitude of the task ahead. The phrase ‘digital transformation’ conjures up images of robots and fully automated warehouse facilities and the road to achieving this can seem expensive, long, and bumpy at best.

The reality is that smaller, but effective digital transitions can make a big impact. Digitising one warehouse process may appear insignificant, but, if that one process is receiving goods, completing it by simply scanning the pallet to automatically upload the delivery information into the ERP system, will not only save time and reduce paperwork, but will also ensure stock is immediately visible in the system.

Similarly, if order picking tasks are generated directly from the ERP system, with users receiving tasks on a mobile device, in the order that is the most efficient route through the warehouse, this eliminates filling in paperwork and manually updating the order status into the system, while minimising the risk of human error.

We have seen first-hand the benefits that transitioning to digital and automated processes can bring to a business. Through the implementation of our mobility solution for the SAP supply chain, customers can:

  • Remove more than 80% of paper from processes
  • Increase productivity by 30%
  • Cut stock take time by 70%
  • Reduce user training by 90%
  • Improve operational efficiency by 25%
  • Increase stock accuracy to more than 99%

Digital transformation projects do not always need to create a fully automated facility in one step, the journey can start with much smaller, more manageable building blocks. By introducing a mobile solution to execute supply chain processes as the first stage of your journey, you will see immediate benefits, quickly realising the time to value of the solution.

PreBilt™ is a highly configurable mobile solution that can be deployed in days. Offering an intuitive user interface to make executing supply chain processes quick and easy, all data is updated in SAP in real-time to provide an accurate overview of your supply chain landscape.

Take a closer look at the benefits of introducing a mobility solution within your SAP supply chain or contact us today.