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19th February 2020

What is SAP EWM?

With increasingly more warehouses adopting automated processes and implementing new technology, they can enhance the benefits with SAP EWM, but what is EWM and is it right for you?

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a module within SAP’s Supply Chain Management suite of solutions. It is a warehouse management solution that provides flexible, automated support for managing stock movements through the entire warehouse process from goods in through to picking and packing and goods out.

For any company involved in production, warehousing and logistics, connecting warehouse operations to other business activities is crucial for not only an efficient operation, but also delivering an exceptional customer experience and SAP EWM can facilitate this through a fully integrated solution.

Facilitating all aspects of the warehouse cycle from managing inbound processing, through to controlling storage and operations, onto enhancing outbound processing, EWM streamlines the warehouse operation to increase productivity and accuracy, while reducing operational costs. Updating warehouse processes directly in SAP in real-time, EWM provides all relevant business functions access to live data, allowing instant reactions and responses.

A real advantage of EWM is the way it can help to realise the benefits of automation, through true integration via SAP’s Material Flow System (MFS). EWM can facilitate the automation of routing a pallet along a complex conveyor belt, controlling Automatic Guiding Vehicles (AGVs) and Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs) and communicating stock despatch information to Automated Loading Vehicles (ALVs).

Enabling EWM activities to be accessed and actioned through mobile devices can help encourage adoption, improve the user experience and increase productivity. There are a wide range of mobility applications, that have been specifically designed to integrate processes managed by EWM into SAP.

The flexibility of EWM sees it benefit warehouse operations of any size or complexity, due to its scalable functionality and ability to be tailored to the requirements of each individual business. It is important not to purely focus on your business today, but also ensure you have a system that will deliver on your long-term business and supply chain process requirements. EWM offers the flexibility to design a solution that meets your operational needs now, while being able to adapt as your business develops to cater for new or updated processes.