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Alcoholic Drinks SAP CodingControl


Removal of manual processes

Elimination of human error in data inputting

All coding machinery now controlled from one central cockpit

Significant cost savings through no discarded recalled products

The Challenge

The drinks manufacturer was suffering costly coding errors and was looking for a new solution. The manufacturer’s labelling process does not utilise adhesive labels, but instead the required coding is etched onto glass bottles and plastic sleeves using a laser. If a coding error does occur, this process means there is no possibility of reworking the production, so the product needs to be disregarded. The manufacturer was experiencing inevitable human errors, with operators accidentally inputting incorrect data into the coding machinery, which resulted in four to five product recalls each year, with each recall costing up to £50,000.

The Solution

The drinks manufacturer implemented CodingControl, an SAP certified solution from The Config Team, that eliminates the need for manual data entry into production line coding and labelling devices. The manufacturer’s coding machinery is now connected directly to SAP, enabling data templates to be selected and the relevant data populated automatically. The shift managers can now preview and approve coding in the CodingControl cockpit before submitting it to the laser device, which has been key to eliminating coding errors. The flexibility of CodingControl has enabled different data requirements to be set up for each individual product, to ensure that they will always receive the correct coding data.

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