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Project Benefits

Fully SAP integrated.

Elimination of 2.5 million pieces of paper.

180 admin hours saved weekly.

Live up to date information.

The Challenge

All of Roberts’ customer deliveries were manually updated on SAP at their Northwich manufacturing plant, after drivers had written all delivery details on paper such as completion, issues, returns, and amendments. As a fast-growing challenger brand operating over 50 routes per day, with an average of 35 drops per route, a more efficient solution was needed. Roberts was experiencing delays in updating orders according to customer requests, customer issues and returns, and Proof of Delivery (POD) for customer invoicing. They required an end-to-end digitised solution that removed the need for paperwork, and provided real time data on vehicle location, product location, and for customers to be invoiced immediately.

The Solution

We deployed PreBilt for POD as a complete customer delivery mobile solution to help manage Roberts’ last mile processes, fully integrated with SAP, meaning activities were streamlined, and information was received much quicker. Admin functions of the business such as credit, finance and customer service were able to see completed POD’s in real-time, eliminating the need for paperwork as the data recorded on the mobile device transfers to and from SAP. Distribution Manager Chris Juster noted “We’ve removed somewhere near to 2.5million pieces of paper”, also mentioning that “We were saving the equivalent per week of around 180 admin hours at the very base level, so it’s made a huge difference to automate vast parts of our business”.The application was very popular with the delivery drivers, who were heavily involved in the design. Customer Delivery Driver Richard Maddock commented “I think I learnt to use it in about 3 hours… anyone that is used to a smartphone or mobile device will be able to pick this app up very easily”. The quick and agile platform was able to inform both the driver and the customer of any updates in real-time. Customer relationships were stronger than ever, they were able to be invoiced immediately as opposed to being mailed paper copies, they were also able to replenish stock and react to trends quicker, which led to increased sales.

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