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Project Benefits

Stocktake reduced from five days to two days

20% cost saving through parts delivered to production lines quicker

Significantly reduced production downtime

Ability to count 30,000 SKUs across six plants in two days

The Challenge

With four production plants and five warehouse locations across the UK, Sunseeker operates SAP Warehouse Management (WM) to manage the end-to-end supply chain activities within its facilities. Previously, all processes were managed manually, with operators inputting data into SAP at desktop terminals, which was resulting in processing issues due to a delay in stock being visible in SAP. This was slowing down the picking process as parts were not in the location expected when operators were picking orders for production. This had a knock-on effect on the production, as delivery of the right parts to the production plant could be delayed, risking Sunseeker being penalised for late delivery of completed yachts. Looking for a mobility solution to increase warehouse efficiencies, Sunseeker turned to PreBilt™, from The Config Team, due to its direct integration with SAP, as Darren Taylor, Sunseeker SAP Business Support Analyst, explains: “We explored a few solutions, but we were clear we wanted a direct connection to SAP to enable us to have visibility of live data, which is exactly what PreBilt delivers.”

The Solution

The Config Team implemented PreBilt™, a range of out-of-the-box mobile applications for the SAP supply chain, within all of Sunseeker’s UK sites. Configuring applications to meet the specific customer needs, 11 out-of-the-box apps for standard processes were deployed, along with two custom apps to cater for managing the returns from the boat lines and goods issued to reservation. The new applications allow users to carry out end-to-end supply chain activities from goods in, through to stock movements through the warehouse, to goods out, all from a mobile device, with the transactions directly updated in SAP in real-time. Requiring operators to sign-on-glass when stock is moved between locations ensures there is now full accountability and traceability. Introducing Handling Unit Management (HUM) has created the ability to move large kits of materials in one movement, with one reference number. Previously, cages of up to 100 items, required for one boat line, needed to be moved using complex bespoke functionality developed in-house. The capability to now move these in one movement using native SAP has resulted in a significant time saving. With an intuitive user interface, completing processes using the new mobility solution has been greatly simplified for operators.

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