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Project Benefits

Improved ease of use leading to increased employee engagement.

Significantly reduced task processing time- stock take went from taking 2 days to 5 hours.

Greater stock accuracy due to fewer data entry mistakes.

Elimination of paperwork.

Configured quickly and easily.

Flexibility allows for roll out to wider areas of the business.

The Challenge

Twinings had been making efforts to streamline their operations. However, this led to the warehousing side of the business and the mobile platform supporting it to become neglected. One of its main challenges was stock accuracy, what was reported on the mobile platform did not represent what was in the warehouse. Tasks also took far too long to process, and this in turn hindered operators in the execution of their roles. The root cause of Twinings’ challenges was found to not be hardware, but software. The legacy system was outdated and awkward for everybody to use. Operators often did not use the system in favour of handwritten notes which would then be inputted in one go, which in turn led to delayed stock reporting as well as inevitable human error when entering data.

The Solution

We deployed PreBilt, our suite of out-of-the-box mobile applications designed to digitise supply chain processes within warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centres, easily configured to Twinings’ requirements working within their pre-existing SAP Warehouse Management (WM) system. Furthermore, the flexibility of PreBilt means that it has the capacity to be used in wider areas of the supply chain such as Plant Maintenance (PM) and Quality Management (QM).App navigation was configured to be simple and easy, with the operator only seeing what they needed to see as opposed to clicking and scrolling through multiple empty fields. This ensured operators could spend less time interacting with the transaction. For instance, they are now able to pack pallets as they are unloaded, whereas before, this process would have been made up of several different transactions. The overall impacts of our mobility solution were time saved, ease of use, and stock accuracy.

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