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Project Benefits

Reduced stocktake time by 50%


Eliminated 12-hour delay in updating SAP.

Removed 30,000 admin transactions per month.

The Challenge

Univar was operating an outdated RF solution, which was running using the SAP GUI, to manage warehouse processes within SAP Warehouse Management (WM) across its four UK sites. The technology that was being used was no longer supported and the business was being impacted by the complex user experience and the paper-based processes that required a significant administration resource to manage. Embarking on a project to update the hardware, with the initial requirement to translate the SAP GUI onto the new hardware, the provider identified an opportunity for significant business enhancements by introducing an intelligent mobile solution to deploy onto the devices. Univar turned to The Config Team to explore the opportunities to not only take away the complexity of the SAP GUI, but to also improve the user experience.

The Solution

The Config Team implemented PreBilt™, a range of out-of-the-box mobile applications for the SAP supply chain, with 50 users across the four UK sites. Following a review of all the processes within the warehouse operation, The Config Team recommended 11 mobile applications be installed, comprising nine out-of-the-box apps for standard processes and two custom apps for processes unique to Univar. The new applications allow users to carry out end-to-end supply chain activities from goods in, through to stock movements through the warehouse, to goods out, all from a mobile device, with the transactions directly updated in SAP in real-time. With an intuitive user interface, completing processes using the new mobility solution has been greatly simplified for operators. The picking process at Univar is complex, as the user is required to pick both the material, and the container it goes into, on the same outbound delivery. The Config Team developed a customised app, which allows the user to complete this transaction on a mobile device. A further bespoke app has also been developed to enhance the picking process, which provides users with the ability to view customer specific packing instructions at the time of picking. Reducing the journeys users need to make to the office to deposit paperwork from completed orders and collect their next job has also significantly boosted productivity. The putaway process has also been transformed, where previously individual pallets that were being stored in the same location would all need to be scanned in separately, up to 20 pallets can now be moved in one transaction, significantly speeding up putaway activity. The real-time visibility of all stock movements through the warehouse has brought multiple benefits to the Univar operation. Due to the 24-hour operation of the warehouse, with deliveries being received overnight, the ability to goods receipt a delivery as it arrives, with the order immediately visible in SAP, is a major improvement from previously waiting up to 12 hours before an administrator could manually input the paper delivery note.  The ability for users to view real-time inventory status’ through the stock enquiry app has been integral in reducing queries into the administration team, as users have a live view of all stock in the warehouse at any one time.

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