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Project Benefit

Pick errors reduced by 92%

Putaway accuracy increased by 28%

Pick speed increased by 25%

Stock maintenance speed improved by 26%

The Challenge

WOSG operates a central warehouse and distribution facility, which serves all its UK stores, alongside direct e-commerce orders. As part of its continuous improvement programme, the retailer identified that moving away from paper-based systems and digitising some of its processes could deliver improved warehouse operational efficiency and productivity

By removing the manual processes, WOSG was hoping to reduce the time lag in receiving stock to it being available in the system, improve location management and speed up picking and dispatching processes, all with a view to servicing client and store orders more efficiently. Operating SAP WM within its distribution facility, WOSG considered several mobility products, but found many to be a bolt on to SAP. Looking at The Config Team’s offering, the retailer explored PreBilt™, powered by Neptune, and was impressed with the solution’s direct integration with SAP, which was a high priority in its selection criteria.

The Solution

The Config Team implemented PreBilt, an out-of-the-box mobile solution for the SAP supply chain, to manage stock movements within the group’s DC. Configuring the solution to meet the specific customer needs, PreBilt was deployed to manage a range of processes including goods receipt, physical inventory, stock enquiry and picking.  The new mobile solution allows users to carry out end-to-end supply chain activities from a mobile device, with the transactions directly updated in SAP in real-time. A significant improvement has been seen in the goods in putaway process; previously stock would only be available in the system once the entire order had been receipted, which could take up to 24 hours. With operatives now able to confirm and verify the stock location in the system as it is put away, the stock is available in SAP immediately. The new solution has also simplified some lengthy SAP GUI transactions, such as a bin-to-bin transfer, which can be inefficient to execute in SAP. PreBilt is a much more agile solution and enables operatives to execute the process, along with verifying the destination bin, quickly and easily on the spot, making the stock immediately available in the correct storage bin.Due to the success of the implementation, the WOSG is now working with The Config Team on a further mobility project. This will see PreBilt implemented to mobilise the stock returns from store, alongside e-commerce picking and packing processes, which involves the enhancement of PreBilt to cater for customer-specific packing requirements.

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