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2nd June 2022

EWM Expertise on Demand

We are excited to be working with a new customer in Australia, providing our SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) expertise on demand to assist the business’ in-house support team. 

The customer, a leading supplier of workspace products and solutions, currently uses a decentralised SAP EWM solution at its distribution centre to manage its inbound and outbound processes. Including dock scheduling using Dock Appointment Scheduling (DAS), its goods receipt operation involves the identification, sorting, and putaway of thousands of items daily. Its outbound picking operation is aided by advanced voice and custom trolley picking solutions, as well as automatic cartonisation planning, to improve the creation of shipping handling units through a third-party provider. 

While this is an effective system, its complexity means that changes to business requirements, and the occasional user error, can sometimes exceed the capabilities of the customer’s in-house support team. Based on our unrivalled EWM expertise, we were asked to provide our guidance and analysis to assist the internal team. Our consultants will be providing consultancy support for the business’ SAP EWM processes, as well as its RF and voice solutions, DAS, and EWM integration with the cartonisation planning solution. 

Adopting a flexible model, the customer will be able to utilise our expertise in a way that best suits its needs. Working together with the internal team, our EWM consultants will not only help to resolve issues and fulfil requests in the short term, but also fill in skills and knowledge gaps to improve overall understanding of the solution throughout the business, ensuring that it is well equipped to maintain system performance in the long term. 

Commenting on this latest win, our Australian practice lead, Stephen Hackett, said “We are delighted to be further expanding our reach into Australia with this new customer.” 

“Through our wide portfolio of projects in the field, we were able to demonstrate to the customer our unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience of SAP EWM and its integration with 3PL systems, as well as our unique and collaborative approach to consulting based on honesty and trust, making us the perfect choice to deliver the project.” 

For more information on our consultancy services, get in touch with our supply chain experts.