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12th July 2022

Simplifying Complex Integration

SAP IDoc Integration

In a busy start to the month for our product team, we have implemented our SAP certified IDoc Management Console at one of our pharmaceutical customers to simplify its third-party integration.  

Having supported the customer to deliver an end-to-end greenfield S/4HANA solution, the company now has an agile, global commercial operations ERP system in place. As part of the solution, interface integration between SAP and partners, 3PL warehouses and suppliers was developed.  

With its central warehouse and administration office in Switzerland receiving all orders, the company utilises contract manufacturers in other European countries, before shipping finished products to 3PL warehouses in the US and Asia. With multiple interfaces required to communicate messages regarding stock, orders, deliveries and payments between SAP and a variety of third-party systems, there was a requirement to simplify the integration.  

We have installed IDoc Management Console™ as one central system that can manage all these interfaces between multiple third parties, avoiding the need to integrate SAP with several different third-party systems. Our product team configured the solution to view multiple inbound and outbound messages between SAP and the 3PLs, including order details, confirmation of stock availability and dispatched order notifications. As a result, IDoc Management Console provides the customer real-time visibility in SAP of all stock, orders, deliveries and invoices.  

From IDoc Management Console’s user-friendly dashboard, the customer can easily identify any interfaces that are failing so that they can be quickly and easily resolved before they have a negative impact on business operations.  

We have also provided knowledge transfer on the use of IDoc Management Console to the customer’s internal team, which will ensure all users are comfortable with the solution, with continued support post-implementation to ensure that the IDoc Management Console continues to provide maximum benefits for the company. 

Following the success of the initial implementation, we will also be integrating additional interfaces with future contract manufacturers as they come on board.  

Commenting on this latest project, our Product Manager, Geoff Gray, said: “We are delighted to be bringing the benefits of IDoc Management Console to yet another customer. With so many external partners, the customer had an array of different inbound and outbound interfaces, it was complex to manage, so we have been able to streamline that area of the business for improved interface visibility and traceability. 

“IDoc Management Console can bring benefits to every company that operates SAP. IDocs are needed to send and receive messages between SAP and not only third-party systems, but also non-SAP internal systems and this can often become a complex integration landscape when multiple interfaces are involved. We simplify that complexity and enable visibility and management of all interfaces from one console.” 

For more information on IDoc Management Console, or any of our innovative SAP supply chain solutions, please get in touch with us.

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