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A Siemens business, Mendix is a leader in enterprise low-code development applications, with its development platform adopted by more than 4,000 companies
around the world. Mendix was founded in 2005, with the aim of developing a platform that could bring together business and IT and deliver mobile solutions that provide
real business value, allowing your whole organisation to participate and collaborate in the application development process, enabling you to deploy innovative ideas
quickly with software.

The Mendix philosophy of establishing true partnerships with customers, built on trust and honesty, is perfectly aligned with our values. The team’s innovative approach, continually developing new ideas, to develop meaningful, long-lasting solutions, matches our forward-thinking attitude, making them the ideal partner.

PreBilt™ powered by Mendix, utilises the Mendix low-code platform, that allows us to deliver large-scale mobile solutions with rich native experiences, that can be quickly deployed into customer environments to start immediately impacting on business growth.

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