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Why Adopt Industry 4.0 Technology?

Enhanced Customer Experience

Achieving connectivity between physical and digital solutions delivers end-to-end visibility of data and transactions, enabling you to provide accurate, real-time order and delivery information to customers, while more streamlined operations will see your customers benefiting from improved delivery times and less recalls.

Improved Insights

With the ability to make data-driven decisions across your operation, you can not only use this to inform your current operation; identifying problem areas, reallocating resource and deploying maintenance teams, but you can also use these insights to plan ahead, improving forecast accuracy, on-time delivery and ultimately profitability.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Transitioning from manual input and human decisions to automated and machine-driven task execution, speeds up processes, reduces risk of errors, improves stock accuracy, minimises downtime and cuts production changeover times, all contributing to improved efficiencies and productivity.

Enabling your 4.0 Strategy

Creating a connected production environment

Take a look at our webinar to see how our IIoT solution, CodingControlTM, can help you achieve a connected production environment by automating the data flow between SAP and your coding, labelling and printing devices. If you are looking to reduce human touch points and connect devices on your production line to your ERP system, CodingControl is a great first step, offering complete flexibility to add more devices online as you continue your journey to connectivity.

  • Reduce manual data entry by more than 90%
  • Save hundreds of hours in downtime
  • Cut production changeovers by half
  • Reduce the cost of product waste and recalls

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