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Supply Chain Mobility

As businesses look to create more agile supply chain operations, adopting new technologies can help establish a robust and reliant infrastructure for weathering business disruptions and meeting increasing consumer demands for products to be delivered faster.

Introducing an intelligent mobile solution allows tasks to be completed quicker, with data instantly updated in SAP in real-time, enabling you to streamline operations, improve efficiencies, increase productivity and ultimately enhance your customer experience.

Mobilise Your Supply Chain Processes

Mobility Benefits

Real-time Insights

Connect your supply chain processes, quickly and easily executing them on a mobile device and updating your ERP system in real-time, facilitating end-to-end visibility for accurate tracking and processing of items through the warehouse.

User Engagement

Operators already familiar with mobile apps will find the transition to mobile technology an easy one. The improved ease of use that mobility solutions bring, with an often more intuitive user interface, means tasks can be completed quicker and easier.

Bottom Line

Digitising your supply chain processes is an investment of money and time, but ultimately it is one that will benefit you immensely- improving your efficiency and productivity, increasing outputs, and reducing your long-term production, training, and onboarding costs.

Innovative integrated solutions

PreBiltTM: SAP Supply Chain Mobility

Take a look at our webinar to see how our mobility solution, PreBiltTM, can help you to digitise your supply chain processes. Seamlessly integrating with SAP, PreBilt allows you to complete any process within SAP supply chain modules on the move from any mobile device, updating your manual and paper-based processes and replacing outdated technology.

  • 80+% ​removal ​of paper
  • 70+% reduction in stock take time
  • 99+% accuracy
  • 30% increased productivity
  • 90+% reduction in training time
  • 25% improved efficiency

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