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Why CodingControlTM

Device Integration

Compatible with hardware devices from all major manufacturers.

Cost Savings

Eliminate the cost of product recalls, waste and rework due to coding and labelling errors.

Customer Experience

Reduced production downtime, less recalls and quicker deliveries all contribute to improved customer service.


Use with one device on one line or several devices on multiple production lines, across all of your plants globally.

Remove Manual Input

Reduce manual data entry into devices by 90%.

Minimise Downtime

Reduced errors and reworks contribute to saving hundreds of hours in downtime.

Quicker Changeovers

Removing the need to manually input the next production run data can cut production changeover times by half.

Reduce Product Waste

Reduce waste of products, packaging and raw materials by more than 90%.

CodingControlTM Highlights

Accurate Label Data

All data is generated directly from SAP to ensure accuracy, with template previews available for verification before sending to devices. Labels can be added to orders, with approval required from a quality manager before releasing the order to the production line. New label templates can also be easily prepared in advance of a planned promotion to enable a quick changeover to a temporary label design for a set time period.

This process offers you the reassurance the correct data and labels are being sent to the production line, first time, every time.

Single Central Cockpit

All outgoing and incoming production line data is managed from one central platform to provide a single view of your production landscape, whether that is one line in one plant or multiple lines across facilities globally.

Labelling and coding templates and data are set up and sent to one, or multiple production devices, while verification confirmations and error messages from devices are also sent back and managed from the same platform.

Rolling Changeovers

With data flow controlled by a single source, CodingControl enables rolling changeovers through the ability to switch over one device to a new order, while others continue to operate. This is ideal for situations where the primary coding device is ready to be changed for the next production run, but the pallet labelling is still in operation.

Enabling continued production ensures lines can always run at optimum efficiency, with minimal downtime for increased production output.

Device Integration

CodingControl can integrate with one, or multiple, coding, labelling, printing and verification devices, including primary coders, video and camera scanning equipment, secondary case labellers and palletisers. For a fully connected solution, we can also integrate to wider equipment in your facility, such as PLCs, weighing scales and pallet stackers.

Our solution is compatible with hardware from leading manufacturers including Zebra, Markem imaje, Videojet and Logopak to name a few.

Have you experienced product waste and recalls?

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