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Why IDoc Management ConsoleTM


The user interface can be easily configured to the requirements of your users and operation.

Deployed in Days

The standard framework can be up and running in your environment in days.

Multiple SAP Modules

The solution can be used with any SAP module, across all areas of the business.

One Single Cockpit

All IDocs can be investigated and reprocessed from one central dashboard.

Remove Reliance on IT

The simple user interface enables business users to resolve IDoc issues, freeing up IT resource.

Reduce Reprocessing Time

When configured to your business, IDocs can be reprocessed in less than half the time.

Improved Billing

Failed IDocs can impact invoice processing, quicker resolution delivers quicker payments.

Increased Efficiency

Reducing the downtime needed to resolve issues leads to increased efficiency and productivity.

IDoc Management Console Highlights

Analytics and Alerting

Easily view the health of all your IDocs at a glance to quickly identify and action problem areas. The IDoc Management Console analytics view can be easily tailored to report specific metrics relevant to your business, such as displaying failed IDocs by interface type, total quantity or inbound/outbound. The charts and graphs can also be easily changed to reflect your preferred view.

While these reports can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, alerts can also be set with specific criteria and when these thresholds are met, an email will be triggered to designated users.

Configurable Toolkit

With a highly configurable framework, the IDoc Management Console offers the flexibility to customise interfaces to meet specific business and user requirements, allowing users to view only the interfaces relevant to them. Hotspots can also be added to enable a direct link to specific interfaces to speed up reprocessing time.

Fiori Cockpit

Utilising a Fiori front-end view, it is possible to view all IDocs across the business without logging into the SAP GUI. All interfaces can be displayed with a Fiori view for intuitive, user friendly screens that allow you to easily navigate the flow of investigating and reprocessing IDocs.

How much time do you spend managing and resolving IDocs?

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