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Realise the benefits of SAP EWM

Intuitive Interface

User-friendly screens, with reduced clicking and scrolling, making them intuitive to use and easy to navigate.

Simple Configuration

Screen layouts and appearance can be easily configured, to user requirements, with no development.

Reduced Training Times

The intuitive user interface reduces training times by more than 90%, while improving employee engagement and retention.

Deployed in Days

The standard PreBilt framework can be up and running in your environment in a matter of days.

Blackspot Recovery

In the case of a temporary connection loss, the session is maintained with no loss of data, with all data updated to SAP once the connection is restored.

Swipe Capability

Mirroring consumer behaviors, easily swipe through screens to choose the task to start on.

Utilise Device Features

Capture pictures for evidence and audit purposes and display picture for quick visual verification of products.

Responsive Screens

Screens automatically rendered to the device size being used, while customised display profiles can be configured to optimise field layouts according to device.

PreBiltTM for EWM Differentiators

Intuitive User Interface

The SAP standard mobile solution for EWM, ITS Mobile, is difficult to use, with complex screen layouts, unnecessary fields and no field descriptions or menu explanations. In contrast, PreBilt has been designed with the user in mind, all options on menu screens are clearly labelled and include a description and transaction screens only display the relevant fields, which are clearly labelled.

Unlike ITS Mobile, in which users need to have knowledge of many acronyms and codes to be able to use function keys and exceptions codes, PreBilt for EWM uses clearly named labels with descriptor, significantly improving ease of use for operators.

Flexible Customisation

PreBilt for EWM screens can be easily customised to your requirements, with no development. This includes hiding and re-positioning fields, changing fields to drop-down menus and creating hint texts to ensure users know the information that is required for each field. You can also change field label texts, font size and colour to create stand out for key fields or information. The capability to capture pictures for evidence and audit puposes can also be quickly and easily added to any screen.

Any existing custom RF transactions can be easily ported over to PreBilt without any development, ensuring all functionality is maintained, while benefitting from the improved useability.

Utilise Device Features

Whether you are using PreBilt for EWM on a mobile phone, a ruggedised handheld device or a tablet, the majority will have in-built cameras. PreBilt can utilise these features to deliver further benefits.

PreBilt allows images to be captured and added to an order, PO or goods receipt, enabling any damages or stock discrepancies to be recorded for evidence and audit purposes. Similarly, product images can be displayed to the user, particularly useful in picking processes for quick and easy visual identification of the correct product.


PreBilt for EWM offers the ability to add game-like elements to any warehouse task to improve employee engagement. Both games and challenges can be set-up to enable users to complete their own individual competitions for knowledge building and personal development, while games see operatives competing against colleagues in a particular task.

For each game or challenge you can easily configure the participants, the threshold to be met to ‘win’ and the reward. Operatives and managers can view real-time updates to see how they or their team are progressing, receiving notifications when games have been completed or won.

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