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Digitise Your Plant Maintenance with PreBilt

Increased Wrench Time

Ensuring operators are no longer required to use paper-based work orders, PreBilt for Plant Maintenance enables a reduction in time spent on SAP data entry, waiting for instructions, locating parts, trips to the storeroom and writing up job reports.

Industry Compliance

Inspections for asset compliance completed with PreBilt for Plant Maintenance are fully integrated with SAP, ensuring each asset is inspected on time, with the results stored, actioned and traceable in SAP.

Downtime Reduction

Benefit from improved uptime through enhanced planning, more accurate data collection and quicker response times. Inspections of assets is easier and more accurate, ensuring performance deterioration and signs to potential breakdowns are quickly identified and resolved.

Enhanced Decision Making

Get access to accurate, real-time data to optimise predictive maintenance planning through more in-depth insights. The ease and speed of data collection enables a higher frequency of inspections to be carried out. With data being immediately available in SAP, informed decisions can be made quickly based on live data.

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